Homegrown Hops

Oct 06, 2015

Homegrown Hops

Fresh Hop, Wet Hop or Green Hop, whatever you want to call it, we at Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery are committed to using this unique brewing technique in our harvest ales. Within 24 hours after the hop harvest the cones are quickly used in the brew instead of going through a drying stage. This technique helps saves the aromatic oils that may be lost due to the packaging process. Since 2012 we have been proudly growing and expanding varieties of hops on the Trollingwood Road farm located in Mebane, NC. The farm has been in my family for many years beginning mainly with poultry. Today where the chicken houses once stood the farm provides boxwood shrubs and Hops! With fellow local hop grower research and some experimenting of our own we decided to see what varieties fair best here in the old north state. The Trollingwood Hops have made their way into many home brew batches over the years but they have also made appearances in commercial batches such as Duck Rabbit's Brown Ale Cask and Roth Brewing Company's Amber Ale.

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